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Pilatus B4, aerobatic RC glider, wingspan 230cm, scalable

Brand: 3dprcfun

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Pilatus B4
one of the most famous and beautiful aerobatic gliders
Version 1.2 includes optional spoilers for faster descent during landing! 

Scale: 1:6.5
Wingspan: 2308 mm
Length: 1011 mm
Empty weight: 1100 g
Takeoff weight: [1350...2000] g
Wing area: 37.7 dm2
Wing load: [35.8...53] g/dm2
Channels: 4-5
This is a thoroughly designed 3D printable scale version of the original Pilatus B4 from Pilatus Aircraft. I spent considerable amount of time with prototype testing and refinement to improve printability, surface quality, scale characteristics, flight characteristics, and rigidity. The latter is mandatory for aerobatics and realized by carbon tubes and rods of different size combined with a spring steel wing connector.
Flexible usability was a further key design parameter. The Pilatus B4 can be built 
  • with or without wheels
  • with or without spoilers
  • with different fuselage nose options: pure glider, tow release, electric engine powered
  • with reduced weight for improved thermal flight using the additionally provided LW-PLA STL files for the tail rudders.  
The wings and the horizontal stabilizer can be easily removed from the fuselage for transport. The connectors were designed based on proven solutions used since many years for RC-controlled gliders.

The package for the Pilatus B4 Version 1.2 includes:
  • STL files for all parts including STL files for LW-PLA optional printing of some parts
  • Project files for PrusaSlicer including detailed print settings for each part. PrusaSlicer is freely available. No need to spend extra money for a slicer software to get this plane printed in high quality.
  • gcode files to minimize your preparation time and to immediately start printing the plane parts   
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 design files for the servo and battery holders to adjust the dimensions to your servo and battery types
detailed user guide including optimized print setting information can be downloaded HERE.

Test parts of fuselage and wing can be downloaded HERE.
The model requires a minimum print bed size of 100mm/140mm/175mm. The provided Cura project and gcode files contain multiple plan parts and require a print bed size of 200mm/198mm/175mm. Some parts can be simply removed from the project files in PrusaSlicer to adjust the print area to your printer requirements.
Changes in version 1.1:
  • Optimized inner structures to improve compatibility of the STL files with freely available slicer versions such as Ultimaker Cura 5.3.1 or PrusaSlicer 2.5.2. It is possible to rescale and print this airplane with other nozzle diameters. Correct downscaling of the original 3D print size to 60% could be confirmed with Ultimaker Cura and PrusaSlicer. Upscaling should be only limited by the print volume of your printer.
     Parameter  Original 3D-print size  Smaller  Larger
     Nozzle Ø  0.4 mm (100%)  0.3 mm (75%)  0.5 mm (125%)
     Scale  1 : 6.5  1 : 8.67  1 : 5.2
     Wingspan  2308 mm  1731 mm  2885 mm
     Length  1011 mm  758 mm  1264 mm
  • Moved from Ultimaker Cura to PrusaSlicer due to notably improved print quality of PrusaSlicer with my Prusa i3 MK3S. Latest slicer versions include a feature called "Arachne” which causes surface quality degradation for several parts of this model. Unfortunately, Ultimaker Cura does not allow to switch off this feature completely. On the other hand, PrusaSlicer allows to deactivate this option which I’ve used for all print parts except for the canopy. In summary, I recommend using PrusaSlicer 2.5.2 (tested) or later together with the newly created project files and optimized print settings.
  • Optimized connection of inner wing parts. It now features a 3mm continuously overlapping outer perimeter to simplify alignment and gluing of the parts which also results in an improved surface finish.
  • Improved rudder horn.
  • Optimized placement of canopy hinges to improve print quality.
  • Optimized wing servo recess to improve print quality.
  • Changed filament recommendation for canopy from PETG to PLA. The Fillamentum PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue is easier to print and looks amazing.
  • Created video of printed files to demonstrate the print quality. It is available on my YouTube channel.
Changes in version 1.2:
  • Added optional spoilers to increase the descent during landing. They also represent a scale detail of the original Pilatus B4.
  • Created a separate spoiler assembly video guide.   
  • Improved tires by replacing internal structure with gyroid infill.
  • Partly replaced continuous brim by selective brim to reduce assembly time.
  • Optimized print parameters with respect to print time and quality.

Step-by-step video guide:
Spoiler assembly video guide:

Quality of printed parts:


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