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Kougar Mark III


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The Kougar Mark III is based off of SIG MFG. Mark II. There are several additions to the Mark III, 1 - it is 3D printed, 2 - Battery Hatch, 3 - Plug-in Wings, 4 - Retractable landing gear.

The plane is printed from ABS, but I am sure it can be printed from other filaments. The files are designed to fit on a 300 x 300 x 400mm size bed. I have a Artillery Sidewinder x1 printer, equivalent to a Creality CR-10, A mid size printer. The total print time for this plane is around 200 hours.Since most parts are joined with Carbon Fiber, there are no alignment tabs on the parts. the parts can be resized to fit smaller printers.

I have printed 2 models of this aircraft, the first one flew for a short period, The second one has several flights on it. The second one had many changes to the tail and fuselage. The biggest difference on the second model was I decided to make a
Balsa Horizontal Stab and Elevator to reduce tail weight.

Although I have not tried this, the Tail can be printed from LW-PLA and that would save almost half the weight of a ABS or PLA tail.

The parts you will need to finish the model are the following:
2 1kg rolls of filament
Brushless Motor: 42-50 800KV
Propeller: APC 11X8e
Speed Controller 60 amp
Battery: 5 cell 4000 mah
6 Channel Receiver
5 Servos - 2 Standard size, 2 - Mid Size, 1 - Micro.
Retracts - Freewing F-86 from Motion RC or RC-Castle
Lead weight for balancing.
two 7/8 eye hooks for plug-in wings
2 - zip ties.
Screws - #4 1/2 inch.
1.2mm wire for Pushrods
5 - 3mm X 20 in. Carbon FiberRods - Fuselage and Tail
3 - 7mm to 7.5mm Carbon or Graphite 31 inch long Arrow Shafts
CA Hinges
Magnets - 6 -15mm Diameter X 2mm, 4 - 8mm Diameter X 2mm

Aircraft Specifications:

Wingspan: 50 inches or 1270 mm
Wing Area: 540 sq in. 34.8 dm²
Length: 47 inches or 1194 mm
Flying Weight 6.5 - 7 lb 2950 - 3200g
Wing Loading 28 - 30 oz/sq ft 85 - 92 g/dm²

Setup Specifications:
Elevator: 3/8 inch or 9.5mm, Up and Down

Rudder: 1 1/2 inch or 38mm, Right and Left
Ailerons: 1/4 inch or 6.4mm, Up and Down
Center of Gravity: 1 inch or 25mm Back from tip
Dihedral 1 inch or 25.4mm per Wing Panel
Stabilizer Incidence +0 degree wing, 0 degree
Washout: 1.5 degrees

Engine Offset 0 degree down, 0 degree right

Flight times average between 7 to 10 minutes.

For more information, you can view the youtube videos:
or visit RC groups for further discussion.

The included files are STL, 3MF, G-Code, Simplify 3D Factory files.

3D printing settings

See pictures for my Simplify 3D settings. Setting are for ABS.


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